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Mom To Daughter - I Will Always Love You- Engraved Music Box

The best gift for Daughter from Mom.

This is a beautiful wooden music box with a meaningful message engraved from the inside of the box.

The beautiful rhythm of "Castle In The Sky" is built-in the music box that will "WOW" your Daugherr as she turns the handle.
With a meaningful saying:

"To my daughter,

Never feel that you're alone. No matter how near or far apart, I am always right there in your heart
(Just believe in yourself and never forget that you only fail when you stop trying.) Never forget that no matter what, I will always love you.

Love, Mom"

Make an ideal gift for some special occasions such as Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, etc.



  • Dimensions: 2.55" x 2.16" x 1.57" (65x55x40mm)
  • Material: Wood & Metal
  • Tune: Castle In The Sky
  • Handcrafted With Love
  • Made To Order


  • Due to the nature of the wood grain, colors of the engraved areas vary to some degree as seen in the photograph.